7-8mm thick braided leather band with magnetic or clamp clasp

7-8mm thick braided leather band with magnetic or clamp clasp

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Extra thick (7-8mm), textured braided leather band with magnetic or clamp clasp. Choose your color and your clasp option- comes in stainless steel or enameled black push click/clamp clasp or magnetic clasp in stainless steel, copper, brass, or enameled black.  This high quality 8 strand braided leather band is leather through and through- no filler or hollow core.  If your need a strong clasp that won't come off with "rough wear", our push click/clamp clasp is for you.  See note for measurement and appropriate sizing.

  • Measurement/Sizing

    NOTE:  Our bands come in sizes ranging from XS-XL so we have a size for almost everyone (unlike most retail store options)!  However if you don't fit these or a particular band is out of your size, custom requests may be possible.  Since all bands are handmade, they vary in length +/- 1/4" of each size category.

    To figure your size, measure your wrist where you like to wear your band  (if you don't have a flexible tape measurer, wrap a string around and measure that length). Add 3/4" to your wrist size to have a fit that is an average fit which moves around slightly.  Add 1" for a loose fit or 1/2" for a more fitted fit.

    XS  (6.25-6.75"); Small (6.75-7.25"); Medium (7.5-8"); Large (8.25-8.75"); XL (9-9.5")